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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Or not?
It looks good, I like it!

Raise your hand if you don’t care about looks. We are drawn to things that we like and very often, and irrationally, we direct our choices, according to a gauge of “I like it”.

The professional world is no exception and, specifically in the digital world where websites, apps, campaigns, platforms are highly influenced by aesthetic criteria. This is an error that then translates into projects that disappoint and do not reach the expected objectives.

Aesthetics, beauty, pleasure, these parameters are too personal to be used as indicators. To base one’s choices on such a personal gauge almost always leads to failure.

Design: much more than simple graphic design

Design, on the other hand, is an actual science, it is the semantic analysis of objects, tools of interaction, it is the definition of balances, the creation of paths, the analysis of behaviour. It is a science that is attentive to users and target audiences, as well as to the final objectives. It is balance, harmony, ergonomics of the structures.

Consider the case of interfaces, which have become one of the most crucial assets of a business, whose task is to make stakeholder activities intuitive, simple and immediate.

The software supplied to companies is almost always very rigid, complex, because they place function rather than humans at the centre of their vision.

At Web Industry, people, with their businesses, are the centre of the design.

Design will have to facilitate their daily work, simplifying it, streamlining it, making it more efficient and sustainable. Because it will not be the people who have to adapt to the project, but the project that will have to adapt to the people’s needs.
Design at Web Industry is

  • Corporate design
  • Graphic design
  • UI - UX design
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