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A business exists
if someone talks about it.
Communicating: the key to the success of businesses that use digital.

Identity, image, reputation, credibility and authority become powerful characteristics if conveyed skilfully. Because communicating on the web means removing barriers, boundaries, it means communicating with the whole world.

But communicating is not the same as “informing”. It is not the simple transfer of content.

To communicate is to tell as story, make others dream, become enthusiastic, but also make something credible, unique or even make it stand out, make it recognisable. Communicating requires linguistic mastery, the skill of getting to the point, of narrating but also a strong inclination for analysis, strategy and engagement.

Communication involves brands, organisations, means and channels, contexts and people. It is primarily strategic, and secondarily tactical.

Communication at Web Industry is

  • Brand & corporate communication
  • Social media strategy
  • Influencer marketing
  • Digital reputation
  • Custom web site
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