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Check-ups that are good for the health...
even in the digital world..
The human body: a prodigious machine.

It lets us think, see, listen, run, taste and do many other extraordinary things. To do so not only is it necessary to have perfectly synched cells, but also constant control over the balance of all systems.

In fact, there are many receptors with the task of monitoring and providing indications on the status of the various areas of the body. Indicators necessary for blood pressure homeostasis, for maintaining balance, for the oxygenation of the cells, for the state of hydration and for many other functions essential to survival. Every chemical, biochemical, biological or physical activity is constantly monitored and sends repeated feedback on its efficiency. Why should a company be any different?

And yet, still today, many organisations develop digital projects without due attention to measuring their efficacy, thus losing the opportunity, if they do not reap very encouraging results, of being able to correct the various variables and thus turn the solution into something highly performing, despite the initial stage.

Having key performance indicators relating to our digital solutions is essential and allows companies to carry out projects that truly work, precisely because they are monitored as they develop.

Web Industry pays close attention to this delicate yet highly strategic aspect for the modern company that wants to invest in effective and highly performing projects.

KPI at Web Industry are

  • Web & Google analytics
  • Social insight
  • Custom report
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