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Web Industry, Partner of Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine

Check out the new portal with plenty of functions at the service of the user!

Since 2017, we have been proud partners of the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine, for which we created the new portal, featuring functions at the service of the user.

The purpose was to simplify show searches, therefore, we developed an interactive online calendar, where the user can easily find their favourite shows, filtering by date and type (dance, music, prose, etc.).

The Home Page always clearly displays upcoming shows and events! Plus, from this page, it is also possible to consult:

  • CasaTeatro and TeatroScuola
  • Ticket Office to find the show, check times and prices and you can also download forms to sign up for selected subscriptions
  • gteatro card to buy a ticket with a special discount
  • Press and News to always stay updated on the “world” of the Theatre
  • Support the Theatre
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