Case study

Unbelievable results for Black Friday at Autonord Fioretto!

80% of cars booked online in less than 1 hour :)
Who said that selling cars on the web is a “mission impossible”? Autonord Fioretto did it, exceeding every expectation!

How? Thanks to the development of a complete digital marketing project that made it possible to attract an audience, capture their needs and guide them to booking a car online to then complete the purchase.

Before getting into the details of the project, let’s take a step back! Let’s start from the beginning.

Autonord Fioretto, an important and historical group of dealerships that sells Renault, Dacia and Nissan cars, and wants to repeat what they normally do every year in their showroom: sell some select cars from the Renault and Dacia range at a “special” price, only on Black Friday. However, this year they want to test out a new sales formula: going digital.

Listen, analysis and going online

Following a careful analysis, we decided to create a project dedicated to the online booking of cars with the online payment of a deposit - built into the company website - combining it with a strong digital promotion and online communication strategy. In just a few days we put our skills and transversal expertise in the world of IT, advertising, usability and communication at play, working in close collaboration with the customer, taking into account their queries, expectations, to create an unprecedented project in the automotive industry.

Focusing power

After the initial listening and analysis stage, we “set up” and tested the project, and then turned the spotlight on the Landing, pushing users to visit it, to identify their favourite discounted car and go back to the page on Black Friday to complete the purchase.

We basically generated a very potent mediatic echo such that sector influencers actually, and completely spontaneously, talked about Autonord Fioretto through their social media channels. Promotional messages invaded the web, tracking people interested in buying thanks to the strong multi-channel campaign strategy, designed and launched on Facebook and Google, combined with the communication strategy carried out through social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

On the evening of Black Friday, Friday 27 November 2020 at 7:00pm - the opening time for online sales - users “invaded” the website and in just over one hour, 80% of the cars were already booked.

Who would have ever imagined, given the situation? And yet the results speak for themselves.

Autonord Fioretto proved once again that they believe in the potential of tailored digital projects built by Web Industry, which, over the years have made it possible to strengthen their online presence and digital strategies, all to the benefit of the business.

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