Case study

Take me Home

Tempting people’s taste buds!
Old Wild West has launched Take Me Home,
The new Take Away service.

The project started in Udine, the central base of the restaurant chain.

Objective to achieve
When you start, it is necessary to have good sense!

Before starting, we always offer an initial tailored analysis, alongside the customer. This is how we find the right route to reach our goal. In this case, we were able to generate (from the very initial stages) sales from mobile devices.

Record results
Throughout the entire province, the service was a great success!

The launch was very impressive, with the development of display campaigns on brand and search. Essentially, we tempted people’s taste buds, both those who were looking for something to eat on Google, and those who had an underlying temptation. To hit the target, we only intercepted users who were close to sales points. Zones where the take away service was possible.

Deliveries were managed impeccably, with great customer satisfaction. These campaigns generated many orders in just 9 days and in 1 month incredible numbers were generated. 90% of the orders were made from smartphones and tablets with very high peaks especially in the evening.

What are you waiting for?
Try Take Me Home too.

At home, work, wherever you are, you can place your order and choose your preferred payment method: with credit card, cash on delivery and with PayPal.

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