Case study

Super Advertising Strategy

Eurocar Friuli Venezia Giulia experienced huge success on the web with an unusual strategy that made a great impression with +33% more cars sold in just 14 days of campaign.

Once again Eurocar Friuli Venezia Giulia, achieved an incredible result on the web, through digital marketing actions dedicated to the sale of used cars. With a distinctive creative strategy and with a multi-channel advertising plan, there were +33% more sales than previous months. A great success for the Brand, which accordingly marks a new and important achievement in the digital automotive world.

The initial idea

The promotional initiative of Eurocar Friuli Venezia Giulia was developed to boost the sales of some specific models. The objective was to capture Leads interested in buying, monitoring the various online channels - generalist sales sites, social media, Google mail, internet site - and direct them to the landing dedicated to promotion, to stimulate conversions.

The steps of the project

In close synergy with the communication and marketing team of Eurocar Friuli Venezia Giulia we developed a digital project, outside of the box. To do so, we combined our skills and deployed our transversal professional figures into the fields of Information Technology, Promotion and Communication. These are main activities conducted:

1 - Creative development, outside of the box

To make an impression in the eyes of the audience, we wanted to be bold, with a visual strategy super power, with powerful colours skilfully mixed together (blue, yellow, red) to capture the eye to stop, read, look through the vehicles on special sale. We achieved a powerful graphic design that takes us outside of the box of the automotive industry.

2 - Super powerful landing creation

The graphic design of the campaign was also adapted to the web page dedicated to the promotion, created to land users, previously captured with the campaigns, and stimulate them to request an appointment at the dealership.

3 - Super Advertising Strategy

The campaign strategy was developed after a close analysis conducted on channels run by the Brand. Accordingly, we succeeded in developing an innovative plan that allowed us to open new opportunities and generate more sales chances for Eurocar Friuli Venezia Giulia, with optimised investments for each single monitored promotional channel (social media, Google, generalist sales platforms, web sites).

For example, concerning Google Ads, instead of developing campaigns on the search network or with display banners, we decided to focus only on Gmail Ads, reaching a specifically-profiled segment, obtained by capturing “similar” users to those who viewed used cars on the Eurocar Friuli Venezia Giulia website in the 30 days prior to the campaign. Gmail Ads gave us the opportunity to publish ads directly in the e-mail boxes of potential customers, drawing their attention during a crucial moment of their browsing and decision-making journey.

On Facebook, we skilfully mixed and optimised posts aimed at 3 distinct segments, perfected over years of work. In the 2 weeks of activity, we launched an Inventory campaign that we used to collect dozens and dozens of leads, captured on several channels and at various times of day, from both desktop and mobile.

By doing so, by working with a mix of carefully chosen channels, in an integrated manner and with a “unique” strategy - perfect for channelling creativity and communication “outside of the box” - we captured users on several platforms and we pushed them to make a choice.

4 - Optimised management of Leads

Through the campaigns we succeeded in getting a large volume of quality Leads, but it is only thanks to the synergetic work between teams that we succeeded in turning interesting opportunities into actual sales. In fact, Management, Marketing and the Eurocar Friuli Venezia Giulia BDC succeeded in skilfully managing, quickly and competently, all of the incoming leads, thereby raising the conversion rate. Teamwork was crucial to achieving the desired results. With these campaigns, we played the right ‘assist’ and the customer took great advantage of it, to score a goal!

Extra-Ordinary results!

The creative strategy “outside of the box” innovatively combined with the creation of an integrated advertising plan, contributed to raising car sales like never before, exponentially, distinguishing, while also valorising, the Eurocar Friuli Venezia Giulia brand from all of the other competitors on the web.
The result was an explosion of clicks and conversions on the landing dedicated to promotion! Just consider that with Google Mail alone we obtained a ctr of 15% (to provide a rough comparison, a promotional newsletter usually generates 3% clicks).


All of this shows that the digitisation process conducted by Top Management at Eurocar (and we would like to mention the creation of the Eurocar Italia App) and developed together with Web Industry over recent years, made it possible to broaden business prospects, through the creation of new sales opportunities.

This is a clear example of how important it is to build a digital growth process, working in perfect unity and synergy, to achieve common objectives and bring tangible benefits to the business.

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