Case study

Solari Lineadesign by Web Industry

Time is precious, Solari is aware of this.
A web experience with absolutely unique characteristics, just like the quality that has always distinguished the historical trademark..

Solari Lineadesign by Web Industry is a place where time stands still, but it can be seen with an essential, elegant graphic design where the images speak for themselves, showcasing the famous Italian brand, known internationally for having brought the quality of made in Italy to the entire world.

On the new portal, visual details naturally emerge, enveloped by simple yet efficient graphic elements that help the user focus their attention on specific parts of the website, such as filter systems, created to simplify the search for specific information, without wasting time.

Scrolling through the various sections of the website is pleasant, thanks to the combination of different types of content that alternate and combine perfectly with each other to offer a comprehensive picture of the world of Solari Lineadesign.

The blog is a bilateral communication platform developed by Web Industry to allow the company to interact with its audience, without filters, on various topics (design, history, technology, etc.) and thereby obtain interesting ideas on how to broaden the market opportunities and get even closer to the digital audience.

Check out  Solari Lineadesign and discover the flip clocks that have revolutionized the way we view time.

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