Case study

Smart data as leverage for the evolution of business

The Dose Giardinaggio case
The customer

Dose Giardinaggio is a historical company in Friuli Venezia Giulia, specialised in the consultation, sale, rental and maintenance of quality gardening equipment and items.

The needs

The company uses a traditional accounting software but feels the need to equip itself with a data driven system, to make the best use of all the data acquired about customers.

The objective

The customer-company’s requirement is that of understanding the needs, the expectations and the behaviour of their customers and obtain information on strategies and tactics to be implemented to engage new customers, to optimise purchases, to stimulate consumption, to maximise profits, to improve customer journeys and customer experience.

The solution
The Superview model

To achieve the set objectives, it was decided, with Management, to implement Superview, a custom business vector, made in Web Industry, able to qualify, valorise and convert customer data into useful information for understanding customer-related behaviours, habits and phenomena. All through a visual language, therefore easy to assimilate, displayed through dashboards, overviews, info graphs and communication with images, all interactively and in real time.

Superview was created in four macro steps:
  • 1 - Data analysis and inclusion. Not all data is valuable, some only generate noise and divert attention.
  • 2 - Data classification and cataloguing. 
One of the fundamental steps of the process. Classification by data type and taxonomy
  • 3 - Grouping together data in information. Data classified in this way are grouped together as information that is useful for the customer to understand, comprehend behaviour, purchasing styles, attitudes, preferences to base solid strategies and tactics on.
  • 4 - Displaying information. Visual communication and representation of the results in graphic form, to help all stakeholders understand and interpret the results intuitively and immediately.
The vision

By implementing Superview the company-customer can now improve services, get answers and prepare targeted activities and actions, guided by data and therefore indisputable. They can do so on specific customers, on clusters, on populations and aggregates, identifying the best short-, medium- and long-term strategies. All of this applied to the company’s three Business Units: sales, maintenance, rental.

Some noteworthy operational functions

Of the countless functions that Superview has made available to the customer, we would like to underline a few:

  • The latest customers contacted through web marketing actions to understand whether the engagement strategies work.
  • Ranking of the Top 10 products and services sold in the last 30 days: monitoring the big spenders and defining targeted strategies for engagement and promotion.
  • Walk in business with in-store purchase to assess the traffic/engagement/sales ratio and relative “in store” strategies.
  • Log of purchases and works carried out in visual mode. Finding the information you need, at a glance.
  • Customer geolocalisation to facilitate the travel of specialised technicians and sales force.
  • Turnover in real time divided by purchases, maintenance and rentals. Partition on the incidence of the various business units, intuitively and immediately.
  • Products purchased with warranties and maintenance. Clear information of added product “services”. To identify “service” customers.
  • Worthy of mention is the Marketing Search Tool that makes it possible to automatically extract master data lists - that fall within certain search keys - and send institutional, company and product communications to customers. All-in-one mode.
With Superview, Dose Giardinaggio is now able to fully benefit from the value of the data to generate business, to monetise information and compete in an increasingly aggressive market.
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