Case study

Eurocar App - We live diversity

Accordingly, Eurocar Italia improved its internal communication with a new digital smartphone tool for all of its collaborators.

For Eurocar Italia, the largest sales and assistance group for Volkswagen brands in Italy, with 37 sites in 7 regions, we developed an innovative internal company communication channel.

With this new app, the company boards (CEO, CFO, Directors of each Area, etc.) are now able to manage company communication flows and transmit information easily, transversally, quickly and safely, to all 1,468 collaborators.

This is a ductile communication tool that is able to inform, in real time, thanks to push notifications, all collaborators on new products and company evolutions, through a super intuitive user experience that is inspired by social media.

What actions have we carried out?

In the first step, we were engaged in the consultancy and analysis stages of the project, in terms of brand identity, technology and function. We conducted this step in close synergy with the General Management and with the relative managers at Eurocar Italia. Together we outlined all of the steps required to develop the project, with the involvement of various professional figures in the Web Industry team specialised in: visual design, technology, research and development, communication and marketing.

Below are some of the core activities that were carried out:
1 - App Design

The creation of a young graphic concept, that interacts with Eurocar Italia’s payoff “We live diversity”, represented by the union of several companies, people and personalities, yet all united by the same objectives, the same vision. Unity conveyed by the bold orange colour, that symbolises harmony and balance, but also creativity and the desire to grow.

2 - Push Technology

Every time new content is published, the app automatically sends a push notification that the user sees on their device.

3 - Multi media

Eurocar Italia Management can post various types of content: videos, images, slide-shows, downloadable documents. The content can be posted in the single area or generally.

4 - Video Technology

Videos are delivered and managed through an integration developed by us directly on amazon aws platforms. The system, in Netflix style, is able to choose the best format for broadcasting the video, capturing the signal of the network that the user is connected to, in a given moment. This makes it possible to reduce loading times and offer anyone fast use, based on the resources of available networks!

A true success!

The application made it possible to both unite and reduce physical distances between people and improve the flow of information to various professional levels, like never before.

Basically, it started a mediatic revolution within the company, allowing Management to broadcast content in various formats, accessible to everyone, at any time, in any place and with every type of signal and in protected mode.

Within a few days, almost every collaborator downloaded it. This was also possible thanks to how extremely easy it is to download the app, through QR code.

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