Case study

Chiurlo won the Open Innovation 2019 award at Smau Padua

Chiurlo, with their scientific partner Web Industry, won the Open Innovation 2019 award.

The project is the brainchild of a strategic vision, and of a great commitment in terms of management and financial solidity, that made it possible to create a total game center project.

The development of this new management system of the sales network made it possible, in 2018, to obtain immediate benefits in terms of efficiency and control, lowering costs and optimising the movements of operators in the local area.

After three months of interviews and listening to the needs of employees, at the beginning of 2018 Chiurlo Group decided to develop a new management system for the entire sales network, integrated across all four business units of the company.

The process began with the traditional 'make or buy' assessment; after a careful examination of the existing tools, it was decided to proceed with the development of a proprietary solution because none of the existing tools could provide all of the desired outputs.

The customer at the centre of the action, and no longer product-centred.

This is the objective that emerged from the observations. The need to make operations and sales stages more efficient were the main points that the new software would concern.

We rose past the distinct product silos logic, developing a tool that made the sales network more organised and informed on all of the products and services of the four units.

The primary need that emerged from the scouting stage was to achieve greater accuracy in the sales forecasts. In fact, predictive control is crucial for assessing the performance of the sales network in a given period. It was also important for the area managers to have the possibility of providing and receiving information shared in real time.

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