Case study

BLIZ makes headway on the web with its Irresistible Offer

The new Special Campaign generated numerous qualified leads in just a few days, that were concretely turned into contracts by BLIZ with a conversion rate of 50%.

For BLIZ, an authorised dealership for Peugeot, Citroën and DS car brands, present in various show-rooms across Friuli Venezia Giulia, we have created one of our Special Campaigns.

What is a Special Campaign?

At Web Industry, when we talk about Special Campaigns, we are referring to Digital Advertising projects that go beyond the usual promotional activities because they are designed with the purpose of engaging new leads with a mix of actions and channels, aimed at increasing the conversion rate through last minute offers and optimisation of the budget based on the objectives. The advertising plan is tailored to each customer and - on a strategic level - falls under Mosaik, the Web Industry method for Digital promotion. 

The objectives of BLIZ

The customer felt the need to boost their business on the web, engaging users with an Irresistible Offer on some 0 mileage models. There were many objectives:  

  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Convert=Sell
The starting point

To create a tailored advertising plan, we carefully analysed all of the project assets: competitor behaviour, optimised allocation of the available budget, insights into the campaign history, the customer journey of the user - who is used to fluidly moving between the physical and digital world - and the local area, where our digital ads activity is carried out.

The Special Campaign project for BLIZ

In close collaboration with BLIZ Management, we designed a multi-channel advertising plan with a high mediatic impact. To do so, we deployed our transversal professional figures in the fields of Information Technology, Promotion and Communication. The main activities to be conducted: 

1 - Development of an “explosive” creativity

For BLIZ we have developed an impressive graphic design. Orange is used to “capture” the screen, it draws the attention of the user and piques their curiosity so much that clicking is almost a given. Creativity had an amazing impact on engagement. This is no coincidence, because it was designed to create a strong visual grip to allow the user to easily store the campaign information.

2 - Landing creation with high conversion power”

The user enters the landing and finds all of the information they need to fulfil their thirst for curiosity. The user experience is fluid, the call-to-action buttons are placed in clear view. In 2 seconds, one can easily ask for an appointment at the dealership.

3 - Activating special campaigns

For BLIZ, we developed a “Special Campaign" strategy based on the intention of overturning the sales dynamics and incentivising requests for information and in-store appointments, with an integrated multi-channel advertising plan.

Each Lead was captured on the web, plus crucial moments of their customer journey and the calls to action were recorded on multiple online (form to fill in on the website, requests made through Whatsapp and social media) and offline (phone calls and in-showroom visits) channels. This shows how natural it is for us to consider digital as an integral part of the real world. It is part of the native Digital Mindset.
For BLIZ we decided to make several Adv channels work in close synergy through a perfect mix of strategic actions conducted on: social media, Google, websites, generalist platforms and show-rooms.

In fact, when a user decides to make a decision before the purchase, he/she goes through a personal journey in the Onlife world (a cross between the physical and digital worlds) characterised by various key steps carried out on and off the web. 

For example, a user looks for a model on the website of the dealership, then he/she might call or ask for more information through chats and lastly, he/she will go to the dealership to purchase the vehicle.

In this scenario, it becomes essential for a company to perform a series of Digital Promotions that are truly effective towards business growth. In order to do so, it is necessary to seek the advice of people who do this for a living.

For over 20 years, at Web Industry we have specialised in creating advertising projects, and we continue to do so with experience, strategy and a great passion for the sector that we work in. It is no coincidence that we are a certified Google Premier Partner (only 3% of Italian companies can boast this accredited partnership).

>> Special Campaign on Google

For BLIZ, we conducted display and key-word-search campaigns, touching on the well-profiled segments of the public, obtained by capturing “similar” users to those who viewed certain vehicles on the BLIZ website. The Google Ads promos allowed us to publish ads on websites where we were sure to capture potential customers, drawing their attention at a crucial moment of their decision-making journey.

>> Special Campaign on Facebook

On Facebook, we skilfully mixed and optimised posts aimed at distinct targets. To do so, we activated Inventory campaigns that allowed us to capture 20% more Leads than the previous month.

4 - Effective Lead Management

Only teamwork can bring home great results. In fact, thanks to the excellent work of promptly managing Leads, carried out by Management, Marketing, and the BLIZ BDC, there was a significant increase in the rate of estimates and contracts.

SUPER results

The integrated Special Campaign plan created for BLIZ with the Irresistible Offer, combined with bold and distinctive creativity, unlike what the customer usually adopted, allowed us to improve the KPI in just a few days. With the different customer contact and engagement methods, BLIZ exponentially increased their in-showroom traffic.

BLIZ confirmed that they closed 50% of the contracts from generated estimates in just 12 days of business on the web!
The MOST viral

The campaigns generated spontaneous sharing among users, reaching a broader audience than expected - the target was geolocalised in Friuli Venezia Giulia - generating sales opportunities even far away, outside of the region.

This special initiative opened new scenarios and new perspectives of growth for BLIZ who began its journey of digital innovation about 1 year ago, focusing on various Web Industry solutions dedicated to the automotive industry.

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