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Another important achievement for #webindustry

Word of the day: minimalism!

Minimalism: this is the mindset that guides the visitor, who lands on the pages of New PadovaStar. Starting from the home page, which only displays a search box, where the user can view the car they want in an inkling.

New PadovaStar is able to respond immediately, completely independently, to the set of information entered by the user in the search box according to a personal logic, just as in the better known international search. The intuitive manner in which it is possible to achieve the objective of the search, in a historical context such as the current situation, where people have increasingly less time, is certainly a significant requirement.

It is a revolution of the mindset in the automotive world, based on a logic of service, aimed at providing the most efficient route to getting answers.

The visitor is no longer approached with slogans, images, videos, links, sales offers that end up distracting and confusing them, rather, he/she enters a digital context without any background noise. This makes the delicate stage of the choosing process more natural and turns desire into wanting to buy.

The overall picture is completed with functional, intuitive, no-frills browsing that offers concrete answers about offices and contacts, shops, corporate details and offers. Basically, nothing is loud, as is common for “service” sites where the moderate use of colours makes it easier to read the most pertinent information faster and more fluidly, such as offers and customised service packages, for example.

The New PadovaStar website talks to people, not potential consumers.

It was designed precisely in respect of this principle, to offer the visitor an essential and efficient browsing experience. On a human scale.

All of this was possible also thanks to the support of an evolved IT infrastructure that can be, also in the future, integrated and shaped to the needs and dynamics of a world, the OnLife world (the combination of real and digital) which is increasingly dynamic and continuously changing and which responds to the requirements of an audience in dire need of immediate and exact answers.

We will now let the project speak for itself >> Go to the site

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