Case study

68 cars sold in just 2 days!

Autonord Fioretto gained web users on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Once again, Autonord Fioretto achieved an incredible result, through digital marketing actions dedicated exclusively to Valentine’s Day. For enthusiasts of Renault, Dacia, Nissan, Toyota and Opel, the dealership gave out more than 100 Vouchers for an Extra Discount.

On the Autonord Fioretto website there was a peak in visits and downloads - more than 130 coupons were downloaded in the five days prior to the weekend of February 13 and 14 - and on Valentine’s day weekend there was a peak in sales, 68 cars sold in just 2 days. A great success for the dealership, which marks a new and important achievement in the digital automotive world.

The initial idea

The initiative at Autonord Fioretto was created to boost the sale of some specific models, offering people the opportunity to buy them at an even more discounted price than the already active promotions. The idea was to entice users to download the online vouchers and submit them to the dealership on the Valentine's Day weekend to complete the purchase.

The steps of the project

In close synergy with the customer, we developed a digital marketing project by uniting transversal skills from the world of Information Technology, Promotion, and Communication.

1 - Creating a landing dedicated to the Valentine’s day promotion with built-in countdown displaying the availability of the vouchers in real time and the expiry of the offer. The work carried out by the IT department and the UX designers was crucial to promoting user browsing. The e-communication department created the copy in a way that clearly explains the details of the offer to the user so that the steps to use the extra discount are easy.

2 - Development and automatic sending of e-mails to customer and the sales manager of the brand upon confirmation of downloading the voucher and with all of the details of the request made by the user. Also in this case several internal units at Web Industry were involved: programming, communication and visual design. The three departments worked as a team to optimise sending and valorising the content of e-mails, making them easy to read and understand.

3 - Development of the campaign strategy and plan on multiple online channels, to capture public interest in more places and in more instances of the user’s customer journey, based on his/her habits, interests and behaviour on the web. The digital marketing and communication departments were able to built “powerful” messages and identify the best channels to drive the promotion, to stimulate the clicks the most and download vouchers and, therefore, boost sales at the dealership.

4 - The design of an editorial plan dedicated to the Valentine’s Day promotion, to optimise communication on multiple digital channels. The marketing and communication units scheduled the releases, in various formats, capturing, through sponsored ads, the various targets of people, based on their interests.

5 - Monitoring and interaction with users through digital PR and community management activities to respond to the questions and curiosities of the users.

The results speak for themselves

Autonord Fioretto was once again applauded by its users, who in these years watched it grow exponentially, also on the web. In fact, thanks to broadcasting the promotional content on the media such as Facebook, Google and Instagram, we were able to get more than 80% of the vouchers downloaded in just under one week.

All of this goes to show that the digitisation process carried out by Autonord Fioretto and developed with Web Industry over the course of six years of partnership, succeeded in getting closer to the needs of the people, in practical terms by shortening the distances, and in emotional terms, by listening to their inquiries and offering new opportunities of comparison through digital tools.

This is a clear example of how important it is to build a digital growth process, working in perfect unity and synergy, to achieve common objectives and reap tangible benefits.

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