Case study

2021 started with good news!

70% cars booked online for Autonord Fioretto for Nis-Mas Day Digital Edition 2020.

Less than one month following the success achieved with Black Friday - Digital Edition, Autonord Fioretto already gained a new, great success! This time with Nis-Mas Day: a completely digital event that allowed the dealership to push the sales of Nissan cars on Christmas day.

How did they do it?

Autonord Fioretto wanted to enter people’s homes on the most important day of the year, bringing a “gift” that would fulfil their needs, their expectations and their desires, offering the possibility of booking the car that they have their eye on at an unrepeatable price. The project involved booking the cars online, by making a 100€ down-payment, non binding towards the final purchase.

How we came into play

First of all, we built an online car booking system that was completely integrated-into the company website. Plus, with the intention of capturing users on the web who are truly interested in the purchase, we have developed effective Advertising and Social Media Communication strategies by building unique messages that travel in synch on the web. All of this was created through know-how and transversal competencies in the world of Information Technology, Promotion, Usability and Communication, working in close synergy with the Autonord Fioretto team.


Before launching the digital project online, the entire system and automatisms were closely tested with meticulous supervision, from beginning to end. Two weeks before the online event, the cars were posted on the Landing dedicated to Nis-Mas day and, through the broadcasting of promotional content on the media such as Facebook, Google and Instagram, we were able to attract the interest of many people, so much so that on Christmas afternoon, in just 2 hours, 70% of the cars were already booked.

Once again, Autonord Fioretto proved its pioneering vision in the automotive world. Together we succeeded in building a new digital formula that allowed us to strengthen the Brand, online notoriety and boost business results at the same time, thanks to a far-sighted vision on the use of the web and technology, and also thanks to strengthening online relations.

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