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Not everything that
can be counted, counts.
Numbers, numbers and more numbers

Numbers have a hypnotic effect on the human psyche. Some are immediate, easy to grasp, advertising, others are complex, convoluted, for a few initiates. They can amaze, alarm, depress, worry... Our life is an “itinerary” of numbers.

A gauge of measurement of skills

Numbers have become the gauge by which companies and professionals are evaluated in the business world. Followers, likes, leads, analytics, insights, conversion rates, costs per action… items that gauge daily business.

There are activities where "performance" is the key to success and where numbers are the litmus test of a successful project, activity.

Not all numbers are the same. Some are summed, others weighted, and what may appear to be a subtle difference has, in practice, a huge impact on performance strategies. For example, one can acquire 10 leads of potential customers with low capacity and propensity to spending, in the same way as 5 potential top prospect customers, with the potential of big spenders. Different numbers but also different weights.

Objectives vs. wishes

There is another aspect that needs to be evaluated: it is one thing to define numerical objectives, such as data, experience, historical driven; it is another to have expectations or projections which, unlike the former, fall within the world of simple wishes, therefore without rationales to back their feasibility.

Web Industry has developed services where performance stands out as the core competence and where analysis, strategy, statistics, benchmarking and execution become the essential assets, in such a competitive and crowded context, to achieve extraordinary performance.

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