For over 15 years we have been traveling in different sectors, where we have specialized with strategic analysis, innovative solutions and custom projects. We start from listening to trace the right course and arrive at the goal, without errors, within the agreed times and with the resources available. The aim is to improve work flows and dynamics to increase your productivity. Find out what we can do for you!

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We look to the future of the automotive industry with effective web strategies and a wealth of innovative and customised digital solutions, designed and developed to generate tangible opportunities for growth for dealers and parent companies. Our automotive solutions have unlimited potential for expansion and can grow and evolve together with customer needs and market logic.


Weicola logo

With its infinite potential, WEICOLA boosts business opportunities.

WEICOLA® has a large variety of cutting-edge features, including:

  • Updated list and management of the car stock, which can be viewed by vendors and partners.
  • Automatic generation of data sheets and posters to be displayed in the car lots.
  • Integrated dynamic QR code pointing at the vehicle data sheet.
  • Transmission of data and photographs of new, 0 km and used vehicles in stock directly to the main car sales portals on the web.
  • Easy management of the massive price update of cars in stock.
  • Upload of commercial pictures of the vehicles held by the dealership through a dedicated app.
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Mowimenta logo

MOWIMENTA provides automated management of car movements between dealerships and within the network of partners.

All vehicle movement requests are centralised in a single area, where the loading plans of car transporters can also be built by filling available spots at each stop. MOWIMENTA reports the movement statuses of the vehicles (assignment, transfer, delivery) and automatically creates transport documents, making them available to the DMS.

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Indiwidua logo

INDIWIDUA identifies the exact position of the vehicles in stock on the car lots of the dealerships, but also in workshops, body shops and bunkers.

In real time, it provides an inventory of all the vehicles and the list of movements between sites and affiliated partners. Together with MOWIMENTA, it can provide an accurate snapshot of both vehicles on the car lot and of moving vehicles.

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B2Bid logo

Make the most of this new earning opportunity with the innovative B2BID online bidding channel for Dealers.

Only B2BID allows you to sell vehicles to a network of retailers entirely chosen by you, with fixed appointments. This is a new way of organising sales, with considerably lower costs resulting from the use of physical spaces to store the vehicles. It gives you a certain and constant revenue with little effort.

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Wàluta logo

WÀLUTA uses personal data and the vehicle information issued by the user online to make a digital appraisal very close to the real one.

With WÀLUTA, the sales consultant, already at the meeting, will have the data needed to easily conclude the appraisal in the showroom. The data and statuses of the appraisal can easily be stored in the DMS.

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Shooty logo

App integrated into WEICOLA. A very useful tool to take pictures and record videos for marketing and technical purposes.

The app automatically verifies the number plates already in stock and checks whether there are already pictures of the vehicle. Shooty allows the sales consultant to take pictures of the vehicle and to send them to WEICOLA where they will be automatically saved in the dedicated archive (PHOTO ARCHIVE).

Pay Order

Pay Order

The first online payment system of down payments and bookings of vehicles, directly with credit cards or automated HB transfers.

Our partnership with Banca Sella allows us to guarantee streamlined and centralised control over all payments in a single solution.

Media Advertising Strategy

Media Advertising Strategy

Empty your car stock sitting in the car lot.

We create interconnected advertising strategies for dealerships, applied on several communication channels and customised according to your business goals. With the aim of emptying the stock of cars sitting on the car lot, we specialise in geo-localised advertising on sites, developing special offers to sell New, Used and 0 Km cars. We plan according to the route chosen by the user, who browses the website, views online campaigns and visits adverts on social networks. We’re good at reaching out to users, following their movements from one online platform to another, until they are transformed into actual Leads and Clients.


Widdi logo

Widdi allows you to win over potential buyers with a predictive online system, provided with the geo-targeting function.

Widdi changes the way you read the market. It can predict the future and anticipate market trends, creating engagement with people. This is an essential tool to implement commercial and loyalty marketing strategies in showrooms, during events, presentations, on the web, etc.



WIQR allows you to autonomously create dynamic QRs, which can be updated indefinitely and without changing their graphics!

  • It implements, launches and measures the trend of accesses in real-time.
  • You can integrate the QR code in the company’s CRM.
  • You can connect the QR code to different strategic sales content such as car campaigns, car catalogues, temporary sales, test drive video guides.
  • It can be used as a support tool for the sales force. In the absence of the vendor, the prospect can read the vehicle data sheet, request information and fix a consultancy appointment.

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